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Supporting remote study during pandemic | Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara (Romania) & Skopje (Macedonia)


Coming together to overcome adversity is essential for the growth of every community. As the global context brought new challenges to many areas, including the educational system, we are keen on helping schools adapt to the digital environment. In 2020, we joined forces with NGOs to donate technical equipment and ensure internet access to children, so that they can have the resources to continue their studies online.

In Bucharest, we worked with an educational NGO to donate PCs and laptops to an orphanage in the village of Zelenikovo and to a Bucharest elementary school that helped 147 students study remotely.

Our colleagues in Cluj and Timisoara joined forces and donated 150 monitors for the Fundatia Comunitara NGO for their action “You have a computer, you have a future! Donate IT equipment for online education”. This campaign aimed to help children in Timisoara and the surrounding area to attend online school during the pandemic.

We also donated 20 laptops to an organisation in Skopje that provides reconditioned computers to local children helping them to follow online classes.

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