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Our software teams use proven combinations of modern techniques and tools to select the right approach for each customer. Adaptive, pragmatic and agile, we work in predictable and reliable iterations – normally using a scaled agile approach – to deliver client value rather than just technical features. Equally at home building mobile applications, console games, enterprise applications for household names and even national critical payment infrastructure, our teams can work in the most demanding domains. Taken together, these skills allow us to undertake complex software engineering projects and deliver them in a predictable and consistent way.

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Developing IMAX Automation for Entertainment Company’s Major Movie Release

With an imminent film release, an entertainment services company needed to quickly develop components to support multiple languages and UHD content for the film’s IMAX release.
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The Joy and Challenge of Being a Video Game Tester

Many people think becoming a game tester is a privilege. But it’s a complicated and challenging profession. Let our expert discuss the joys and pains of this job.

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