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Find the freedom to delight your customers

Retail has never been more dynamic. As technology births ever more sales channels, consumer expectations are being constantly remoulded. Customers want you to reach them wherever they are and adapt to their buying habits.

All this constant change requires brands to keep finding fresh differentiators.  But to meet consumers’ expectations of a joined-up retail experience, you need technology that lets you be flexible. We will work with you to create composable software architectures that empower you to bring something new to the table.

Our expertise

What can we do for you?

We weave together the best platforms for each of your needs into a bespoke software stack. 


  • MACH architecture
  • Legacy re-platforming 
  • Omnichannel, e-commerce and in-store
  • Payment processing 
  • Supply chain and order management 

What is MACH architecture?

A MACH architecture allows you to slot together software applications as needed without needing to alter the basic infrastructure of your systems. This modular structure for your tech stack is built around four principles:

Microservices: MACH breaks down the different pieces of your software functions into manageable pieces, each performing a different task.  


API-first: MACH revolves around application programming interfaces: bridges that let different applications talk to each other and share data.   


Cloud-native: Because it is built to live in cloud environments, a MACH-based software stack can be quickly scaled up or down as needed.  


Headless: By decoupling the front and back-ends of your websites and apps, MACH gives you the freedom to change your user interface without the need to re-engineer your digital infrastructure.  

A MACH set-up lets you swiftly adapt your software without needing to fiddle under the hood. By stacking together applications as if they were building blocks, you’ll have the freedom to create unique value propositions and keep up with wherever the market goes.  

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