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Accelerating payments modernisation

For 20+ years we have worked with our customers to evolve the payments ecosystem. We partner with pure payments companies for consultancy and engineering and offer payments expertise to banking, retail, automotive and travel. From modernisation, integrations and complex foreign exchange challenges to bespoke end-to-end orchestration or credit solutions, we’re here to help you define your payments roadmap, strategy and business case to realise your ambition.

Years in payments


Percent of largest payment companies count on us


Percent of largest acquirers rely on us


Percent of the world’s most critical banks rely on us


Years in payments


Percent of largest payment companies count on us


Percent of largest acquirers rely on us


Percent of the world’s most critical banks rely on us


Optimising payments across industries

Payments extends across every industry and we increasingly see solution convergence as consumers demand more streamlined collective value. Our cross-sector expertise puts us in a unique position to offer strategic guidance alongside world-class engineering and agile implementation.


Retail and commercial banking customers alike expect their payments to be seamless. With ageing, often inherited systems to upgrade and increasing regulations to consider, we help our customers marry existing tech with critical new components to create competitive, modern platforms.  

Banking faces multiple challenges – open banking, account-to-account (A2A), real-time payments and services, embedded finances and standards evolutions like ISO 20022, PSD2 and PSD3. We understand these challenges and assist with integration, orchestration and gateways. We help speed up time-to-market and improve customer experience with winning payments strategies, custom-built products and modernised platforms.

We support banks with expertise in:

  • Local and cross-border, card, A2A, wallets, APMs and digital currencies
  • Platform modernisation and digital core migration, cloud and hybrid
  • API & integration strategy, build, modernisation & deployment
  • Digital authentication, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money Laundering (AML) and onboarding optimisation
  • Merchant experience, orchestration and encryption, terminals and PCI DSS
  • Embedded finance, BNPL, lending, issuing and card management  
  • Compliance and fraud
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Digital transformation is revolutionising the automotive experience. From parking services to the connected car, payments play an important part in how that transformation takes place.

We help target carbon footprint goals with improved efficiency, by driving consumer behaviour, through simpler access to low emission services and help demonstrate success with increased data visibility. We innovate and challenge with apps and experiences that consumers want to interact with.

We support OEMs with expertise in:

  • Next-gen in-car payments
  • Marketplace models for parking, electric vehicles, tolling and more
  • Car apps, including digital keys and car sharing solutions
  • Global scaling, orchestration and vendor integrations
  • Frictionless onboarding
  • Orchestrated B2B payment streams
  • Automated payment flows, loyalty, gamification
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Whether in-store or online, the retail experience has evolved alongside today’s connected customers. To help retailers scale globally and evolve payments processes for better user experiences, we work side by side with platform providers on strategy and e-commerce delivery.

From start-ups to pure-play multinationals we help retailers find the right payments solution to meet their needs. We help customers pivot to emerging trends, avoid pitfalls and develop long-term strategy. We’ve led the design and implementation of a global retailer’s payments transformation and have helped evolve digital marketplaces.

We support retailers with expertise in:

  • In-app payments for digital wallets
  • Seamlessly merged marketplaces
  • Financing solutions like buy now, pay later (BNPL)
  • Omnichannel unified commerce (mobile, in-store, online)
  • Off-the-shelf solutions with Endava as an integrator
  • Bespoke orchestration or credit solutions
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Travel apps instantly sell holiday packages, flights, accommodation, transport and insurance.

We work at every stage of the payments journey, from travel booking to planning and experiences, and from transit to destination services, to provide more payment options and frictionless checkouts.

We support travel with expertise in:

  • Card and non-card payments, wallets and APMs
  • Digital currencies and cross-border payments
  • Platforms, modernisation, cloud and hybrid enablement
  • Integration, orchestration and worldwide payments gateways
  • API strategy, building and deployment
  • Digital authentication, compliance and onboarding
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Start by understanding what you already have today, carefully consider where you want to go and ensure you fully understand your customers’ needs. Getting this part right is crucial for any payment provider. Payments is more complex than ever and is often underestimated.

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Global Head of Payments, Endava

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