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The Center of Science Activities Gamifies Learning Through AR-Based Storytelling Solution


For the Graz-based children’s museum FRida & freD, the mission was clear: Getting young people excited about science and technology via playful participation. 

FRida & freD concluded the best way to reach their goals would be to partner with a trusted IT company who would supply digital consultants and UX experts for a solution that combined storytelling, gamification, and augmented reality (AR). 


Following four years of planning, a €3 million investment, and 200+ people involved in its realisation, Graz welcomed the opening of the Center of Science Activities (CoSA) – a truly innovative institution from FRida & freD, the Universalmuseum Joanneum, and its numerous sponsors. With CoSA in place, Endava was tapped to help the children’s museum develop one of the venue’s highlight exhibits: CoSA_A(R)dventure.

Wearing Microsoft HoloLens headsets, visitors are immersed in the fascinating worlds of CoSA_A(R)dventure’s story while they move through three large rooms, discovering secrets, and solving puzzles along the way. Guided by AR visuals, they control virtually augmented hands-on exhibits and resolve tasks with the help of a small, flying AR robot named H.I.G.G.S. (Hyper Intelligent Guiding Gadget System).

Endava assisted in the creation of CoSA_A(R)dventure by providing strategic and technical consultation, story development alongside the client, gamification conceptualisation, UX design, 2D/3D art for all AR worlds and objects, technical design and implementation, and on-site training.


CoSA needed a partner with extensive knowledge and experience developing AR solutions who could help create CoSA_A(R)dventure to inspire young people to engage more enthusiastically with science and technology.

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of AR’s UX and technology along with our passion for partnering people with tech to facilitate learning, they chose us to assist in crafting such an advanced solution.


Through CoSA_A(R)dventure, young people can gradually learn about the causes and consequences of climate change. With a total of 40 HoloLens headsets available, up to 18 people can view the exhibition at the same time, allowing the young visitors to go on a discovery journey together.

The realisation of this pioneering project centred around knowledge transfer with AR storytelling and gamification was also made possible in large parts through the support of the Klaus Tschira Foundation. The foundation has dedicated itself to the support of the sciences, mathematics, and informatics. 

Using augmented reality headsets in the museum sector, the foundation aims to foster the interest of young people in the sciences. Ultimately, CoSA_A(R)dventure helps facilitate this objective and the youth’s ability to gain new knowledge through adventurous storytelling supported by innovative technology.