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Case study

Helping Lynk & Co's Subscription Business Model Become An Auto Industry Disruptor



A subscription mobility company looking to redefine automobile ownership, Lynk & Co aimed to strenghen its app's IT infrastructure to create a unique omnichannel experience and further distinguish itself in an increasingly competitive automotive environment.


In collaboration with Lynk & Co's in-house team, we leveraged our expertise to augment the in-app experience through improved payments processing, security and customer service to craft more customised and frictionless touchpoints that can resonate with the end-user.

Lynk & Co seeks to build a frictionless subscription automobile business model for corporate and private buyers alike. We’ve collaborated with them on an omnichannel, digital transformation, amplifying their service and industry presence to stand out from competitors. 


Lynk & Co aims to redefine car ownership— from manufacturing to reselling and renting. To differentiate itself, the company boasts a subscription business model that combines digital touchpoints with automotive functionality.  


In collaboration with Lynk & Co, we used our technological expertise to help transform the digital journey into a unique omnichannel journey that serves customers and enables the company to continue building its industry awareness.  


    Driving partners toward big-picture goals


    Automotive is brimming with innovative approaches and disruptors looking to turn the industry on its head. By understanding the fluidity within the marketplace, our team pushed to help Lynk & Co:

    • Develop a mobility service and car subscription platform 
    • Integrations with existing CRM and ERP systems 
    • Expanded into a more mature platform with more business features over the engagement
    • Enhanced and developed Lynk & Co’s web portals, content management system, e-commerce workflow and mobile app 
    • Go to market with new features faster  
    • Help the business and engineering arms collaborate better  

    Hitting these goals would enable the partner to better evaluate both efficiency and buyer engagement.  

      Reaching new digital destinations

      With eight scrum teams and 63 total Endavans, we’ve helped revamp critical digital entry points to aid Lynk & Co in developing a unique customer experience that aligns with the company’s commitment to quality and convenience. With efforts focused on DevOps, testing and world-class engineering, our efforts thus far have included:  

      • A customer-centric web portal
        We supported the optimisation of the Link & Co website, allowing it to provide a more reliable sales experience and frictionless payment process for customers
      • A unique brand mobile app
        We helped with the fine-tuning and updating of Lynk & Co's existing app to make it more intuitive resource for customers. The app not only stores account information, but also user-specific, in-car settings (i.e., driving climate, a digital key) to presonalise every journey.
      • A greater commitment to security
        We assisted with the intergration of more thorough security measures into each of the new assets to ensure data privacy across all channels and comply with new regulations such as UN Regulation No. 155

      Creating partnerships for the long haul

      Our team helped Lynk&Co reach its customers with its products, anchoring them with best-in-class architecture principles, as well as helping the partner integrate revamped CRM, CMS, ERP, e-commerce and identify management platforms. We’ve also provided input on disciplines such as product ownership, payments, cloud adoption and agile methodologies that we hope to explore as the partnership moves forward.

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