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Case study

Combining Technology and Expertise To Help Engooden Create a More Seamless Patient Journey

Healthcare and Life Sciences


The Engooden platform is data-driven, using the insights it gathers to better inform healthcare providers and insurers. To better equip these healthcare professionals, we aimed to streamline the platform's user experience and how its internal data hub collects and applies the insights it acquires.


Our team updated an internal data hub, modifying information processing capabilities and integrated an AI plug-in to help inform providers on best treatment practices. Furthermore, we added in a secure single sign-on feature that was compliant with current US healthcare regulations.  

Engooden, an early-stage US-based healthcare company, specialises in being a simple and supportive resource for chronic illness patients who are between doctors' appointments. As a trusted engineering partner, we assembled a team of developers to streamline elements of its operations to help the company better serve new and existing patients.

Building a simpler overall journey

Because Engooden caters to chronic illness patients with complex conditions and expensive treatments, it needs to construct a portal with patient histories that are accurate, easy to access, and actionable for the staff. Our 8-person team came on board to update the IT infrastructure, data flow, and AI capabilities to make the platform a more well-rounded tool for care providers. We approached the project on three different fronts:

  • Installed a single sign-on feature to help providers access information in a more secure manner. While solidifying the engineering infrastructure, our team also worked within US. healthcare regulatory guidelines to ensure information was accessed in a compliant fashion.
  • Updated the in-house hub used to receive patient information from insurers and funnel it to the database. Add-ons included a new data input feature that simplifies new patient onboarding, plus it makes it easier for the client to add new information and fields to existing patient histories. We also revised the overall end-to-end information processing. We worked to home in on every conceivable data endpoint so that when a piece of information arrived in the client’s hub, it was formatted to appear in a transparent and usable manner.
  • We incorporated an AI component into internal data hub that uses the available data to advise providers on potential patient-care strategies to deploy.

The three-pronged approach allowed us to build a foundation for the client to provide a 360-degree patient experience for the target audience.

    In many ways, we’re excited about building solutions that will help clients and their customers. In some ways, our engineers like working with smaller companies because they’ll have a bigger impact.

    Sales Lead, Endava

    Setting a stronger foundation

    As an early-stage company, progress equalled success for Engooden. For our team, we’re proud to be a part of a fresh-faced, well-intentioned, patient-centric healthcare company’s pursuit of its goals. Creating solutions that really make a difference in peoples’ day-to-day lives is a great motivator.

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