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Leading Global Insurance Provider Increases Productivity by up to 80% Using Automation


In today’s global marketplace, it’s imperative for insurance providers to maintain high standards of efficiency to provide the most reliable service possible. While some companies are able to streamline productivity in-house, turning to a trusted IT partner for support can not only help accelerate the process, but also produce more robust and time-saving solutions.

In a bid to increase productivity, this global insurance provider aimed to enhance their service delivery model and build robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that would be flexible enough to support changes in different business processes and parameters. To do so, the client sought a trusted IT partner with strong experience delivering custom-built RPA solutions with sound engineering and delivery capabilities.


Endava helped the insurance provider implement RPA software via independent, custom-coded Windows applications with flexible parameters completely free of dependencies on other systems or applications. 

Over the course of six months, the partnership scaled up to include 25 Endavans who used an Agile delivery approach to automate numerous manual processes. On top of the flexibility and modular structure of the RPA solutions, the work also included unit and integration testing.


The global insurance provider needed a partner who had the combination of a consultancy firm’s business and technology capabilities, the skills of a digital agency to develop and build intelligent, customer-centric experiences, and the engineering capabilities of a world-class IT services organisation.

Through our Agile approach and thorough engineering skills, Endava provided the client with the support they needed and helped increase their productivity by delivering trustworthy custom-built RPA solutions.


With Endava’s help, close to 100 processes were automated and different areas of the insurance provider’s business saw reduced time and effort in daily operations. By implementing the RPA solutions, the client experienced an increase of up to 80% in productivity with 100% results and compliance.

In addition to increased efficiency, the insurance provider also benefitted from the automated processes not requiring any maintenance or license fees, which helped contribute to roughly 33% in cost savings.