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This leading agency have a long-standing tradition of offering a one-stop-shop for creative services and media buying, allowing clients to get the right message to the right audience at the right time and at the right price.
Along with their tradition of excellence came old habits that were no longer serving the business, but that were hard to change. These centred around the way that media buying was handled using Excel spreadsheets that were hard to keep up to date, the way that data was being stored and processed and the way that out-of-home services were being booked.
It was time for them to make a change, but they realised that they wouldn’t be able to do everything in house. The agency had approached external technology providers for help before, but those experiences had left them feeling cautious about what could be achieved. The Endava team quickly showed them that when there is true partnership, progress can be quick, and the results can exceed expectation.



We have all heard the saying old habits die hard, and the same is true when it comes to adopting change in a business. In order to help the transition be as smooth as possible, the Endava team took what people were used to into consideration, and created a media buying tool that had the same functionality as Excel, but with all the benefits of real-time data, a single source of truth and streamlined booking processes.
The Endavans also took the time to sit down with the agency’s internal teams and help them to improve their understanding of software development in general, including how to become more agile and how to use iterations to ensure that the products you are building are constantly in line with the evolving needs of users.



As the partnership has grown and projects continue to be delivered and adopted successfully in the business, through a symbiotic relationship between internal technology teams and Endava’s engineers, the agency has started to expand their goals around digitising their business. They now have an ambition to be 100% digital in the near future, and they are already making strides towards achieving it.
Endava has helped the agency start their journey to the cloud, as well as formulate a robust agile approach to software development. The teams work side by side to achieve a common goal, with Endava taking on as much or as little as is required depending on the project and the overall workload at the time.

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