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Technology Acceleration Report

Adapting to thrive in an era of change

20 min read

Is the business climate of today more often focused on hype than results?  


Lasting success demands a holistic approach, not just one revolutionary idea. While it’s essential to keep an eye on emerging trends, it’s just as critical to adapt to the constantly evolving markets.


With today’s uncertainties and the quickly evolving technology landscape, innovation, transformation and optimisation are always on the agenda with technology playing a pivotal role in continuous problem-solving and adaption.


Technology acceleration – a practice that leverages smaller projects that focus on optimisation over transformation, emphasise composable architectures and prioritise iterative and flexible engagements – aims to provide an answer by blending innovative technology with leading methods.


What’s the essence of technology acceleration? Which trends and technologies are contributing to its emergence? What role do technology partnerships play in this practice? 


We’ve surveyed almost 1,000 organisational leaders and decision-makers across North America and Western Europe to uncover these insights and more. Curious? 


Grab a copy of our Technology Acceleration report now!


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