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The ABCs of Payments

How A2A, B2B, cards and payments gateways are evolving and where embedded finance fits in

19 min read

Everything in the payments space is growing. While much of that growth is positive, with more customers and more transactions leading to a bustling, fast-growing market, rapid expansion poses its challenges. 


In this report we’ll explore how all the challenges and trends culminate across some of the most prominent components of the payments ecosystem. We’ll look at the ABCs of payments, exploring how new challenges are changing the way banks, fintechs and PSPs operate and how the market is extending to incorporate the less traditional players.


With insights on:

  • Account-to-account payments
  • Business-to-business transactions
  • Cards and Gateway transactions
  • Embedded finance across the entire ecosystem

Download your insights today and see how to turn change into opportunity, to help you define your payments roadmap and realise your ambition.


the report