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As businesses shape their digital strategies for the year ahead and beyond, developing inclusive digital solutions and constantly being mindful of people will go a long way towards bridging the gap between innovative products and market success.” John Cotterell, CEO, Endava 


How do organisations tackle the evolution of the digital business eraAre digital transformation projects reaching their desired goals? How important is human-centricity in leading them to success?


For businesses today, the pace of technology can feel at odds with what’s possible in the real world. Our recent research reveals that one in four finds it difficult to keep up to speed with developments, while every second digital transformation project doesn’t reach its expected outcomes. But why?


Dealing with digital change relies on more than domain expertise alone. It demands a deep understanding of organisational dynamics, strong relationships with technology partners and a people-centric approach to business.


Ready to uncover the roadblocks, tactics and outcomes organisations are experiencing? Delve into this IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Endava to gain insight from over 600 business leaders from around the world who are navigating digital transformation journeys.


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