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Measuring Agile Transformation

Looking at the role of metrics in an Agile Transformation, potential pitfalls and applying the right metrics to teams, sets of teams and to the actual transformation of an organisation.


In an ever changing and increasingly competitive business environment, using metrics to guide and inform is becoming more and more a must have for any business.

Our Agile expert and Principal Consultant Matt Cloke provides valuable insights around agile metrics, meant to help coaches, managers and leaders who want to develop teams and maximize their contribution to business growth:

 ■ Learn what defines a good metric and what are their characteristics
 ■ Understand some of the pitfalls in applying metrics and how to mitigate them
 ■ Find out what the best metrics are for a team, for scaling and transforming your business

A successful business transformation depends on correctly applying the key principles when implementing agile metrics. Therefore it’s crucial to focus on creating happy teams, minimise the number of interruptions and dependencies as well as applying the same standards of measurement across all levels, teams and processes.


Read our latest whitepaper on Measuring Agile Transformation and discover what are the right metrics to use for your business growth at team level, but also the ones supporting scaling and transformation. While mitigating the metrics pitfalls, learn how you can successfully apply the key principles to successfully take your business at the next level.



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