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Retail, Consumer Goods & Travel Technology Report 2018


Retail, Consumer Goods & Travel Technology Report 2018


Innovate for Customer Experience

With Digital becoming a central component of every business strategy, the competitive advantage stands now in adaptability to change and ability to exceed user expectations.

Knowing where the industry is headed is crucial, and every new technology challenge is an opportunity.

Establishing a flexible infrastructure that can support an enhanced customer experience on mobile, online or in-store could be the perfect opportunity to create market place differentiation.


This book highlights some of the key technology trends we are seeing in the market and our experience in helping businesses deliver them.”

Head of Digital Innovation, Endava



This report is intended to stimulate ideas around current and future trends and technologies in the Retail, Consumer Goods and Travel industry and to help you understand what your focus should be on next.
 ■ Get advice from our Digital Innovation Experts and partners 
 ■ Discover for which of the 22 trends you should take immediate action 
 ■ See how we apply technology to deliver to our client’s solutions to address these trends


Be inspired by our latest research and make the most of the opportunities presented by the trends in Retail, Consumer Goods and Travel.

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