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Global asset and wealth management firm take a first step into the cloud with Endava




A global asset management firm had successfully grown their business both organically and through various mergers and acquisitions. For their inhouse technology team this meant managing a number of different systems that had been forged together with no clear strategic direction.

The team started working with Endava to create a thorough architectural review that highlighted exactly what was in the estate, how it all fit together and how critical each element was to the business. Recommendations were made by Endava’s experts about which applications to retire, which could be maintained, and which needed to be refactored.



A key project for the team was to build a best execution reporting and monitoring solution which would ensure the business remained compliant with important regulation like MiFID II. The decision was made to create a cloud-based solution using AWS, and the firm selected Endava to build it from scratch, in partnership with the internal technology team.

By thinking strategically about the desired future state of the solution, Endava designed and architected a highly flexible, robust and scalable platform that took advantage of a number of AWS’s offerings that were identified as important by the firm.

Taking onboard the technology team's existing experience in .NET, the entire solution was built using the .NET Core framework. The platform is serverless, meaning it takes full advantage of AWS’s flexible consumption models, keeping the running costs significantly lower than more traditional EC2 set-ups. By selecting a Serverless platform, the focus is on the application and not the infrastructure, which results in highly scalable, highly responsive and easily maintained applications tailored to business goals.



Throughout the project, the Endava team carried out an agile transformation, automation testing and DevOps implementation while also providing training to their in-house counterparts. This meant that there was an excellent level of collaboration between the teams and that the firm's own technology team are set-up to get the maximum value out of the platform in the future.

While not yet fully utilised at the moment due to internal processes, the solution is ready to run continuous delivery through an automated pipeline including five levels of testing, staging and publication.

The platform handles data from various sources, extracting it, transforming it in the cloud and presenting it in a consumable format for third party applications.

The business is able to better monitor their compliance and profitability and auditing has been made easier. Their clients are assured that they are getting the best possible results as governed by MiFID II regulations and the technology team are ready to transfer more workloads to the cloud following on from the success of this project.

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