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Urquiza 2284, Rosario, 2000, Argentina

Public Holidays in Rosario

01 January 2018 New Year's Day
12 February 2018 Carnival 
13 February 2018 Carnival
29 March 2018
Good Thursday
30 March 2018
Good Friday
02 April 2018
Malvinas Day
30 April 2018 Tourism Holiday
01 May 2018 Labor Day
25 May 2018
May Revolution
20 June 2018 National Flag Day
09 July 2018 Independence Day
20 August 2018 Jose de San Martin
15 October 2018 Columbus Day
19 November 2018 National Sovereignty Day
24 December 2018 Christmas Eve
25 December 2018 Christmas
31 December 2018 New Years Eve

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