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Test Engineering

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Test engineering ensures that software, hardware and other components work as intended prior to release. We provide support and guidance through test advisory, automation, performance, exploratory, security and accessibility testing throughout the software testing life cycle. By integrating functional, performance and security tests into the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, we ensure they can be executed as soon as there is a code change. This reflects our ’shift-left’ approach to software development and allows us to provide immediate feedback, reduce project delays and improve time to market. We aim to increase product quality by creating engineering solutions and harnessing testing as a driver for continuous improvement. Our test engineers take full ownership of the testing process, providing smart solutions and automation that enhance product quality and reduce time to market.

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Challenges in Creating Relevant Test Data Without Using Personally Identifiable Information Data

Creating relevant test data without personally identifiable information brings challenges. In this article, we uncover how you can address them.

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We test across the application architecture, reducing dependency on slower and more expensive user interface orientated testing.

Zoran Labrovic

Group Head of Testing, Endava

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