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Distributed Agile Delivery

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We’ve developed our distributed agile delivery approach with the goal of creating the optimal balance between on-site and near-shore staff. By having face-to-face workshops, we’re able to maximise the agile benefits of collocation and take advantage of the efficiencies offered by near shoring. With our approach, we utilise the concepts of transparency and tooling to create a single vision on product strategy, vision, roadmap, detailing and delivering core features. This allows collocated and distributed teams to effectively close the distance gap and work as one. So, what does this mean for you? The ability to connect with people with specific skills who can help you wherever they are. And enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing across your organisation.

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Distributed Agile – Domain Knowledge as a Catalyst

The number of projects involving distributed and agile teams continues to grow. By sharing domain knowledge, we enable them to build trust with our clients.

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Distributed Agile – Skills Instead of Roles

Why should you focus on skills instead of project roles when staffing and managing software development teams? Dive into distributed agile in this article.

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Distributed Agile – Communication Promises, Yes, but…!

Find out how business analysis tools can support communication in an agile remote working environment. Explore this third part of our distributed agile series.

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The Endava practices have been instrumental in our ability to get all teams to understand what we need to do and when we need to be working on it. Endava's approach can really help multiple distributed agile teams come together and have a cohesive working relationship.Product OwnerGlobal Insurance Company

Product Owner

Global Insurance Company

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