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Cloud Application Engineering

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To fully harness the benefits of cloud computing, it's crucial to think beyond cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud platforms provide elasticity, resilience and security, along with a multitude of powerful services to power next-generation applications. That’s why they are favoured by so many businesses. Through our cloud engineering service, we build applications with modern web and mobile interfaces that harness the full capabilities of cloud platforms to capitalise on these innovations. To achieve this, we avoid the standard ‘lift-and-shift' approach and instead transform existing applications to be cloud-ready. By refactoring applications using microservices, containerisation and cloud-native services, we ensure our customers can enjoy all the benefits that come with cloud.

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Going Native: Why Cloud-Native Services Are Essential

Most insurers today are using cloud services. Discover why there’s a strong argument for adding cloud-native services to your infrastructure.

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We harness cloud platforms to create powerful cloud-native applications. Using our deep knowledge of cloud platform services, we deliver reliable, scalable and secure platforms needed in today’s digital markets.

Eoin Woods

Chief Engineer, Endava

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