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Impact story

Helping NGOs To Go Digital

Innovate through open data, transparency and civic technology to help NGOs achieve their digital potential

Two women are sitting at their desks, working on computers.

Providing shared technical resource for digital transformation

We’re proud of our long-term partnership with Code4Romania, a community of volunteers with a mission to innovate through open data, transparency and civic technology.


Our support covers several Code4Romania missions including the Civic Tech 911 project, which is the on-call technology department accessible to every non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Romania. 50 NGOs were supported through our donation in FY2023. 

The fact that we can provide this shared technical resource, the Civic Tech 911 programme to organisations that could never be able to afford this type of expertise, is invaluable. Endava has been our partner for years now, and the type of capacity building that we are providing together translates into a more digitally sustainable nonprofit sector. This has resulted in the organisations becoming more effective in their work and being able to cater to the needs of more and more people every single day.

Olivia Vereha

Cofounder, Code4Romania

We want to leave a mark in our communities

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