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In today’s dynamic digital market, achieving product-market fit is no longer sufficient to guarantee business success. We can help you achieve market advantage. By creating a data-driven growth strategy, we can help you build a scalable, profitable and self-sustainable product. Whether increasing new net users, activating dormant leads, improving conversions or engaging churned audiences, our growth strategists and specialists rely on testing to improve your most important metrics. By combining an understanding of marketing, data, product and technology, we balance both achieving quick wins that provide direct return on investment with strategic, long-term planning and execution that delivers outstanding results on a larger scale.

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What to Include in a Customer Re-Engagement Library

All customers need a nudge from their favourite brands from time to time. Find out how you can use these methods to encourage re-engagement.

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By combining marketing, data, product and technology, we achieve quick wins that provide direct returns and deliver outstanding results on a large scale. But we also propose long-term strategic initiatives that we drive for our clients.

Taja Kuzmic

VP Growth, Endava

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