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Date Published
  • March 22, 2024

‘HackTogether: The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack’ is a global online hackathon where participants have the opportunity to build innovative AI solutions with Microsoft’s data platform Fabric. This year, three Endava Teams successfully participated in the well-known hackathon with original solutions aimed at solving real-world challenges.


Endava‘s team from Skopje, North Macedonia, consisting of Elena Donev, Slave Tasev and Katerina Stankovska, won the Grand Prize for their solution named PIInovators. PIInovators is a cloud-native data solution developed in Microsoft Fabric, integrating Open AI for document analysis, particularly for detecting personally identifiable information (PII) in files and images.


The solution classifies documents into complaint and non-complaint categories, further categorising them based on predefined types (Delivery, Personnel, Online, Continual, Communication). The solution is based on a medallion architecture where data is stored in three zones (Bronze, Silver, Gold) within Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse. Subsequently, the data is prepared for analytical use in Power BI reports.


Katerina Stankovska, Data Engineer, said: “Using cutting-edge technologies to deliver real-life solutions within only a few weeks turned out to be an invaluable experience. The fantastic team and seamless collaboration made it all possible.”


Slave Tasev, Data Consultant, commented: “The hackathon has been an outstanding opportunity to blend an exceptional team spirit with acquiring new experiences. I’m proud of our team and am grateful for Microsoft organising this event.”


Elena Donev, Data Consultant, added: “It’s been a great experience exploring new technologies, and I really appreciate the team supporting my ideas.”


Adriana Calomfirescu, Group Head of Data Delivery, concluded: “Winning the Grand Prize is a recognition of our technical skills and a validation of our ability to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions. It’s a testament to our dedication, ingenuity and collaborative spirit, where everyone in the team played an instrumental role.”


In addition to the Grand Prize, the two other Endava teams received honourable mentions:


A team from the Adriatic region, Armin Okic, Maruska Budic and Aleksandar Miodragovic, developed an approach for anomaly detection in email datasets. Harnessing the power of Azure OpenAI, they devised a solution that transforms unstructured email data into a structured format, ideal for generating insightful reports and visual representations.


A team from Iasi, Romania, Miroslav Cojocari and Gabriela Neagu, worked on automating synthetic data creation and reporting. Outsourcing companies often handle sensitive client data, including PII, financial records and proprietary business information. Leveraging synthetic data generation techniques can help effectively manage and mitigate these privacy risks.


Find all winners and mentions in this Microsoft Fabric blog article.


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