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Date Published
  • March 7, 2024

Endava, a leading technology services company combining world-class engineering, industry expertise and a people-centric mindset, today announces its partnership with Climatiq, a carbon intelligence solution provider. 


Climatiq provides a carbon calculation engine for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, covering all business activities like energy consumption, cloud computing, transportation, travel and procurement. It partners with innovative organisations to integrate these insights into their software, workflows and daily operations. These insights support the development of effective carbon reduction strategies and facilitate net zero scenario modelling, carbon hotspot identification and forecasting. 


Climatiq’s solution integrates well with Endava’s green software initiative. Our work in green software is focused on producing value with energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction in mind. We aim to help our customers calculate the footprint of their software applications and advise them on how to use architectural patterns and deployment techniques to measure the carbon intensity of their solution and then implement reduction strategies like carbon awareness to reduce emissions.  


“Cost and profit are key enterprise KPIs, and CO2 is now emerging as the third KPI”, said Climatiq CEO Hessam Lavi. “To advance decarbonisation efforts, carbon insights need to be integrated into core business functions, facilitating data-driven sustainability decisions. We are excited to partner with Endava and to empower their customers in measuring and mitigating their carbon footprint.” 


Endava’s partnership with Climatiq strengthens our ESG commitments and accelerates the development of our sustainable solutions that help our clients implement their net zero and carbon reduction strategies. 


Lewis Brown, Endava’s Head of Alliances and Partnerships said: “Joining forces with Climatiq adds diversity to our partner ecosystem and keeps us moving forward in our sustainability journey. Endava has already developed a couple of proofs of concept using Climatiq’s software. In the future, we intend to use their platform to assure continuous development of POCs and help our clients achieve their net zero and carbon reduction objectives with our sustainable solutions.” 


About Endava 


Technology is our how. And people are our why.  


For over two decades, we have been harnessing technology to drive meaningful change.  

By combining world-class engineering, industry expertise and a people-centric mindset, we consult and partner with our customers to create technological solutions that drive innovation and transform businesses.


Working side by side with leading brands, we build strategies, products and solutions tailored to unique needs, regardless of industry, region, or scale. From ideation to production, we support our customers through every step of their digital transformation journey, creating dynamic platforms and intelligent digital experiences across various industries.


About Climatiq 


Climatiq is the leading carbon intelligence solution used by over 10,000 teams worldwide. Our products include an AI-powered carbon calculation engine and the largest dataset of verified emission factors. We partner with enterprise organizations in areas such as Supply Chain Management, ERP, and ESG. By embedding accurate carbon footprint insights into software applications, we empower our partners to provide carbon monitoring capabilities, drive decarbonization efforts, and support their clients in reaching their net-zero goals. Our methodology and datasets are overseen by a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), consisting of world-renowned scientists.


To learn more, please visit https://www.climatiq.io and keep up with the latest news on https://www.linkedin.com/company/climatiq.


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