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Driving Innovation Through the Power of Partnerships

Collaboration, creativity and customer-centric success

26 min watch

Join business leaders at our partner organisations for an engaging discussion about partnerships, collaboration and co-innovation.


Led by Endava’s Head of Commercial Transformation, Lisa Jeffries, our guests shared insights on various themes, from the pillars of a strong partnership to cultural nuance and the future of partnerships. By diving into experiences of their most successful collaborations yet, our panellists revealed how strategic partnerships can drive customer-centricity and creativity.


Meet our panellists:

  • Nassim Ardelan, EU Strategic Partnerships and Alliances Director, Visa
  • Corey Cummins, Director of Partners, UKI, Snowflake

  • Jamie McDonnell, London Market Lead, Guidewire
  • Charles Merry, Alliance and Channels Leader, UKI and Northern Europe, Stripe

Watch now to hear insights about measuring the success of partnerships, how partner ecosystems are evolving and how these changes are bringing about novel solutions.

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