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Our data footprint is increasing by the minute. 

But what happens with our personal information
once we’ve shared it with different companies?
Is it safe to share it? And if so, is it truly kept securely? Tune in to hear security enthusiast and expert Greg Van der Gaast share his thoughts on the subject. 

Greg: The  bigger  the  chain  gets,  whether  it's  one  company  with  just  a  sheer  scale  of  factors  and  people  and  locations  or  smaller  companies that  are  reliant  on  other  companies where you get  a  chain  of  dependencies,  the  bigger  it  gets,  the  more  difficult  it  is  to  actually  protect  data,  especially  when  people  are  constantly  pushing  to  drive  value  out  of  data.  Data  science  is  an  incredible  thing  and  we  use  it  to  drive  business.  We  try  to  find  ways  of  making  money  out  of  data.  And  every  day  we  use  Google,  we  do  searches.  We  watch  videos.  We  don't  have  to  pay  for  any  of  this  stuff,  and  yet  people  are  making  a  killing  off  of  it.  It's  like  we're  getting  free  stuff  and  yet  someone's  earning  money  off  giving  it  to  us.  It's  only  when  you  do  that,  the  expression  that  if  you're  not  paying  for  it,  you  are  the  product.  And  you  have  to  be  aware of  that.  You  are  the  product.  You're  selling  a  part  of  yourself  to  get  this  service,  to  get  this  convenience.  And  that's  just  the  equation.  There's  no  way  around  it.  And  that's  it.

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