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Tech Trends & Insights that are Innovating our future (yes! another mash-up)

As we step into a new year, take another deep dive with us and revisit some of our guests’ opinions on the technology trends and insights shaping our present and future in different industries. 

Hear what Eoin Woods has to say about technology innovation in general, then discover what the future of insurance companies might look like in Dame Inga Beale’s opinion. Immerse in the innovation that healthcare has known in the last few years in this lengthy segment with Dr. Gillian Halley. See what a former-hacker-now-security-expert has to say about the future of security with Greg Van Der Gaast. Helen Pownall discusses how the pandemic has shaped their plans, and finally Scott Harkey envisions a more accountable future for fintech organisations. 

Tune in and let us know: What are the most important technology trends you look forward to in 2023? 

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