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As we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the year, look back with us at some of our favourite highlights of this season, so far.
After all, ‘tis the season to rejoice and look back in fondness at the year that just passed.

Feel inspired by following these crumbs of PIE which will lead to success in your career, as shared by Dame Inga Beale.
Then learn about the importance and the power of data in healthcare and fintech – with Dr. Gillian Halley and Scott Harkey.
Tune into your innovative spirit by learning from Stephane Malrait’s s lessons on innovation initiatives in ING.
Take a quick and realistic view of blockchain with our own Wynn Davies.
And finally, for the year ahead, think of making the world around you, at work, a little better by focusing on exactly how much work you plan to achieve in a determined amount of time by learning more about what takes great teams through troubled times with Helen Pownall. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this mash-up, and we invite you to reflect on some of the lessons in your past months and share them with us. 

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