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In this week's podcast episode, we'll explore the entrepreneurial spirit and the challenges of starting your own business.

Kelly Baynes, owner and co-founder of The Lemon Quarters and Nurture Network, discusses her favourite projects and shares her advice on how to succeed in starting your own business. 

 I  think  as  people,  as  business  professionals,  we  often  let  perfection  be  the  enemy.  I  think  nothing's  really  more  important  than  getting  your  ideas  out  there  in  front  of  the  people  who  will  be  your  potential  customers,  people  who  don't  know  you,  basically,  people  who  aren't  family  and  genetically  predisposed  to  be  kind  to  you.

 I  think  there's  a  tech  mantra,  is  it  fail,  fail  quickly,  fail  better.  It  comes  from a Samuel  Beckett  quote,  but  reality  really  is  that  best  teacher.  We  learn  so  much  more  from  our  mistakes,  or  the  things  that  we  don't  do  well,  or the  things  we  can  improve on  much  more  than  any  success  we  might  have.  Really,  how  can  you  improve  if  you  don't  start?

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