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Scott Harkey

Marking the final celebration of the successful integration of Levvel, a US-based tech consulting company, into the Endava family, I recently participated in a panel discussion with our CEO John Cotterell and fellow executives. In the session, we were invited to look into the future of tech and how it’s redefining many aspects of our everyday life.

But there was a twist: it was neither in person nor over Zoom. We upped the ante by holding the panel and inviting our guests to join us in the metaverse. In a unique virtual event space brought to life by our VP Extended Reality, Thomas Bedenk, and his team.


A new way to engage


It was really exciting to see the panelists feed off the energy—from their moderator and fellow panelists, the crowd, the subject matter and everywhere else in between. But what happens when those elements change course?


What if the colleagues you’re on stage with are on the other side of the globe? What if your audience isn’t full of living, breathing human beings, but rather the customized avatar stand-ins that look precisely (or nothing) like them? What if the energy you have to feed off is radiating from just the four walls surrounding you? And what if a headset and two remote controls were the only things holding it all together?


All valid questions. So, why venture into the metaverse?


Since the very beginning of Endava’s journey, we’ve always been committed to embracing and leveraging the most innovative technological solutions, this way helping our customers exceed limitations, bring visions to life and stand out from the crowd. We’re asking them to put their faith in us, while we are also learning every day. So, entering the metaverse to mark a milestone together with our customers and employees from all across the Americas felt so true to who we are.


A learning experience for years to come


We had to say this more than a few times in the opening remarks. But the newness of the metaverse—be it exciting, uncertain or otherwise—was a focal point of the conversation. Every day, every interaction, every new feature is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.


For those picking up the controls and donning the headset for the first time, the learning curve was one they had to literally immerse themselves in. Prior to the panel, guests were calibrating the headsets and remotes. The visual of multiple professionals treading ever-so-lightly around the office so as not to run into anything was as amusing as it sounds.


Once the meeting started, you could see avatars popping up in the metaverse auditorium. They were raising their hands, clapping, reacting to points with emojis—or leaving the room to play basketball… But also, after the event ended, many stayed with us just casually mingling, making the experience feel so ‘real’.


We’re ready to better connect with you


Investing. Growing. Learning. In innovation, these are must-haves. Watching our clients and employees tinker with the headsets, learn and adjust is how innovations become, well, innovative.


The metaverse was a celebration of a milestone, but also a preview of what’s to come. It’s a new common ground where new ideas are born and new connections can be strengthened. It’s an example of next-generation technology’s ability to help companies remain fluid in an always-evolving landscape and be proactive, competitive, reliable, boundary-pushing contributors to their industries.


We can’t wait to see how the metaverse and this shared experience will inspire our people and customers to reach new heights. See you there.



Want to learn more and peek behind the scenes? Watch our video to explore how we used extended reality to connect with our customers and employees in an exciting new way.


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