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Scott Harkey

Since we first opened our doors, bringing best-in-class tech solutions to life has been our hallmark. Embracing innovative technology solutions has enabled us to build leading-edge products for our customers around the world. Now, we are excited to help even more businesses across North America reach their goals and use technology as a driver for success.


That mission came into greater focus with an event where we finalized the integration of Levvel into the Endava family. As we look forward to continuing to bring game-changing tech solutions to life with an array of new services, capabilities and flexible delivery models.


Aiming to help prepare our customers for the future while exploring new ideas and formats, we met them in the metaverse for a special panel discussing the emerging tech trends we predict to break through. Haven’t stepped into the metaverse with us? Read our top three takeaways:


People will always be the driver


Without people, innovation is like embarking on a trip with no gas in the tank; it lacks the fuel needed to drive meaningful change. This holds true when looking to define customers’ needs as well. Without a clear understanding of the customer pain point you are trying to solve, innovation can be pointless. In fact, one in five product failures happen because they don’t align with customer expectations.


To be truly successful, people should be at the heart of everything you do. So, to make a difference, look at the pain points your customers and employees vocalize and make solving them the center of any innovation. You don’t need to guess what those customer challenges may be either. In addition to customer surveys and interviews, use data to see where things break down in the customer journey and focus on these areas first.


Technology will continue to transform into better versions of itself, creating space for new and constantly evolving customer expectations. And it’ll present new challenges and opportunities for businesses to adapt to these needs as quickly as possible. As we have more ways to pay than ever before, we see retailers adopt new methods to stand out. And as we get used to convenient online experiences, new omnichannel experiences come to life.


As long as people seek ways of doing things better and faster, technology will be there with some kind of solution. And we’ll be here to help.


Experience will forever be redefined


Need proof? Look no further than the fact that we invited several customers and employees to join us in the metaverse to celebrate and communicate in a more connected way! Conferences and meetings are no longer relegated to in-person attendance. People can drop right into a conversation with a headset, some remote controls and an internet connection.


Employees regularly connect with their companies and spend the workday from anywhere, as seen in this article stating that remote workers in the U.S. tripled from 2019 to 2021. To me, these capabilities will overhaul experiences and play an increasingly important role in how we connect and engage.


We already drive cars, shop and socialize differently thanks to technology, and those trends will only continue. We share rides, bikes and scooters, and car ownership may shortly become a thing of the past. The era of robo-taxis is at our doorstep. The metaverse can bridge physical gaps and immerse us into a department store, a convention center or a virtual showroom instantly from our living room. And with data analysis and embedded finances gaining traction, we get more and more used to hyper-personalized customer journeys and shopping experiences.


Moreover, these experiences will no longer be segmented encounters with a set beginning and end. It can be continuous with one interaction segueing simply and relevantly into the next. Never stop thinking of ways to enhance that experience.


Credibility will be critical


People give a lot of themselves to help spur innovation. From apps powered by personal data to embedded financial transactions using saved customer information, it’s not just people that drive growth—it’s their sensitive data, too. And protecting that information at all costs is as important now as ever.


Going forward, investing in innovative tools that make built-in regulation features a priority will win the day and the public trust. When it comes to building secure, compliant payments or data solutions, we’re ready to support.


Innovation and integration each give us a lot to look forward to. But with growth comes remembering that people are at the heart of everything we do. As we continue our expansion in the U.S. market, our objective is unwavering: Everything we do is all about embracing and leveraging technology to help our customers execute their ideas and make their dreams a reality.


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