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Case study

Transforming Digital Productivity for a Major US News Group

Media and Entertainment


A leading US publishing company sought a more efficient IT partner to aid in the execution of critical digital projects integral to the client's strategic shift from a print-centric to a digital-centric business model.


We transformed the productivity of the customer's digital development, significantly improving the quality of its deliverables and helping it consistently meet deadlines. Building on the success of the initial implementations, the client has transferred all its development projects to us.

A major US publishing company with 30 regional news hubs was looking for a more productive IT partner to help implement 10 digital projects that are critical in the client’s plan to move from a print-centric to a digital-centric business model. Since partnering with Endava, the publisher has never looked back and transferred all its development projects to us thanks to the success of the first implementations.

An all-around-agile approach

We responded to the client’s need for a genuinely Agile approach, acting as a true partner and helping to define the project's strategic requirements and implementation plan. Six months into the engagement, our 25-person team had already delivered vastly improved quality and productivity in the implementation of a new subscriber management and paywall platform. Our client also awarded us several additional key digital projects, including strategic "Insights Through Data" engagement and the development of a new bulk email and campaign management system. Furthermore, we took on digital delivery and created another 44-person team focused on delivering the client Java-based development of video features, front and back end development using the Escenic CMS, Mobile Apps and API development and DevOps service.

Effective and impactful results

We aided in the transformation of the productivity of digital development while significantly improving the quality of deliverables and reliably meeting deadlines. In addition to launching a flexible digital platform that won't need major development to accommodate evolving commercial models, our client can rely on a continuous delivery model to stay competitive in the digital publishing space. The "Insights Through Data" project, which began with a proof of concept, is improving the quality of business decisions in the areas of audience, editorial content and advertising, increase client revenues and profitability.

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