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Case study

Top Telco Upgrades Its CX with Payments Method



Access to the new generation of payment methods is now a core expectation for many customers. One of the UK’s biggest telcos was unable to offer modern ways to pay on its in-house e-commerce platform, which handles over £1.6bn annually.


Aiming to bring its customer experience into the 2020s, we embedded ourselves into the client’s teams and delivered a successful integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay. Within a week, Apple Pay accounted for 23 per cent of total transactions on the platform.  

A global telecommunications holding company headquartered in the UK relied on an in-house e-commerce platform to process 36 million yearly card transactions from customers across the communications infrastructure. This primary processing engine is central to the company’s operations, handling over £1.6bn annually.

Putting digital first

This business-critical system was unable to facilitate a new generation of alternative payment methods. With consumers 63% more likely to shop with a merchant who offers their preferred payment method, this gap in the customer experience (CX) needed filling.


As part of its drive to modernise its native platforms, the client commissioned us to integrate two alternative payment methods (APMs) into its payment processing platform. These were Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Due to our market-leading expertise in modern payments technology, the client also looked to our experts to provide the direction of travel on their existing PayPal integration.

Future-proofing at speed

Working alongside the client’s teams, our developers integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay, including accreditations, into the payment processing platform ahead of schedule.


Within a week of its introduction, Apple Pay accounted for 23% of total transactions on the platform. This immediate positive reaction from their customers confirms the project as an important step along the way to a market-leading CX.


Endava’s agile delivery made a significant impact on the client. Since the successful completion of this project, we have continued to take responsibility for managing the platform’s day-to-day engineering support functions.


Building a lasting partnership

Endava’s footprint continues to grow across the client’s operation. Our teams are optimising across multiple customer touchpoints to make their digital acceleration journey as efficient as possible.

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