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Case study

Top 10-US Bank Streamlines Data and Improves Communication

Finance and Banking


This top-10 bank needed a way to better visualize data. We helped it develop a framework for dashboards on payment rails, with the goal of enabling the bank to easily understand data across the payments organization and using that data to drive action and improve customer experience.


We have helped the bank identify which internal systems need to communicate with each other, and how data could be unified within the Zelle payment rail. Over time, the data dashboard will help the bank improve decision-making and customer experience.

A top-ten US bank had a tremendous volume of data being produced across systems and needed a way to provide important insights to leadership and technology support teams. With so many teams and no clear path for developing data insights, the bank saw an opportunity to create a dashboard that would help with visualization and drive action, leveraging trending information to identify anomalies.
Clearly organized dashboards would improve interdepartmental communication, help leadership make better informed decisions, and, eventually, improve customer experience. The dashboards would give the client the ability to marry the relationship of people, process, and technology. Having a strong relationship with Endava, the bank saw a natural fit to assist in tackling this complex initiative.

Finding a way to visualize data

With over 50,000 employees and many intricate processes, the bank had limited visibility across the ecosystem into data regarding different payment rails, including Zelle, ACH, and cards. A lack of data visualization led to technical and communication-related challenges across the bank, as various systems could not communicate with each other.


The bank's main challenges included:

  • Understanding and sourcing data across a large organization
  • Streamlining data to communicate high-level insights to leadership

  • Enabling issue-resolution teams to leverage data to identify and respond to problems quickly
  • Sourcing expertise in specific software to ensure accurate data storytelling

Creating a dashboard to drive action

After discovering the bank’s most urgent data challenges, Endava moved forward in creating a dashboard focused specifically on Zelle. This project would develop a framework for dashboards on other payment rails, with the goal of enabling the bank to easily understand data across the payments organization and using that data to drive action and improve CX.


To help the bank visualize their data, Endava assembled a team of experts consisting of:

  • Project manager

  • Principal architect
  • 2 data architects/engineers
  • Senior consultant
  • Consultant
  • Tableau software developer
  • UX designer

We wanted to enable the bank to easily understand what the data is telling it, and for this data to be able to drive action.

Stephanie Joyce

Senior Consultant, Endava

Moving forward to improve communication and CX

While the bank’s data visualization project is ongoing, Endava’s teams have made significant progress on creating the Zelle dashboard and blueprints for other payment rails. The completed dashboards will help the bank make timely decisions based on accurate data sourced from disparate, disconnected data sources across the organization.


Overall, the project has helped the bank:

  • Identify which systems need to communicate with each other
  • Focus on unification of data within the Zelle payment rail
  • Create strategies that will help improve decision-making and CX

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