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Case study

Supporting a Creative Software Services Provider’s Quest To Be Cloud-Agnostic



A global software innovator sought to migrate its library of resources to a multiple cloud platform with controlled costs and minimal disruption to its 1,000-plus enterprise clients.


Using software expertise and automated resources, we created a foundation to support the transition and any future maintenance needs to keep the clients’ services and user experience consistently high.

Embracing cloud technology means investing in more. More flexibility, more security and a more personalised user experience. Known the world over for its suite of creative software offerings, our client was already well-acquainted with the virtues of the cloud.  

To amplify its effectiveness, the company tapped us to automate elements of its cloud platform to achieve cloud-agnostic status without rising costs or lessening the experience for its 1,000-plus enterprise users.

Crafting a unified, high-quality cloud experience 

Prior to the engagement, the client’s platform was only compatible with the AWS cloud solution. We assembled a 23-person engineering team of Endavans from around the globe to oversee and execute the project, including feature development, testing, DevOps/cloud automation and existing feature maintenance.  


The Scrum team collaborated with the client’s in-house engineering team to develop automated process capable of:

  • Unclogging shared backlogs

  • Engaging in IT architectural decision-making such as development time and post-release bug repair
  • Conducting complex automation tests and plans that assessed cloud provider resource configuration, regression and manual verifications
  • Moving on-premise infrastructure to AWS
  • Implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Installing an end-to-end AWS and Azure cloud operation control centre. 

Keeping experience integrity intact 

Our work with the client has helped streamline more cumbersome aspects of the cloud, leading to simpler customer interactions. The company’s cloud offering is more secure and intuitive so that automated changes and updates can occur without compromising live touchpoints for users. 


The success from this engagement, and other projects from this client have solidified the partnership and created more opportunities to collaborate.

Endava engineers are technically competent and willing to step in to do whatever it takes to make the project successful. I enjoy working with each one of the engineers working on my project.

Client’s Director of Managed Services Automation Engineering

Colleagues working together on a laptop
Colleagues working together on a project
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