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Case study

Maersk Extends Customer Reach and Strengthens Its Leading Position as an Industry Leader

Supply Chain and Logistics


As a global leader in shipping services, Maersk connects and simplifies its customers’ supply chains. It wanted to extend its offering by building a new solution suitable for typically underserved small and mid-sized customers.


Maersk's many new customers now benefit from vastly-improved visibility into their supply chain operations, enabling them to take the right actions at the right time.

A tale as old as time

Despite so many advancements in how goods can be transported, getting goods from their point of manufacture to their place of sale remains a disparate and complex process.
As a global leader in shipping services, Maersk connects and simplifies their clients' supply chains. They turned to us to help them augment their offering with a new solution aimed at typically underserved small and mid-sized customers.

Building a solution that responds to complexity

Every day, small and mid-sized businesses will handle thousands of products, arriving from and reaching a huge number of partners across the supply chain.


Many of these companies have to manage this complexity manually, using spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. This dependence on legacy systems reduces visibility and control, leading to higher costs, lost sales and longer lead times.

Devising a platform smart enough for a modern supply chain

Maersk resolved to help their customers meet these everyday complexities by giving them control of their supply chains. The path forward lies through a digital platform that could present information and automate processes from the factory to the market.
Endava was part of this journey from day one. Our engineering team complemented Maersk’s own capabilities perfectly and helped them to tackle the challenging task of designing and building the platform successfully. Given the size of the IT landscape in Maersk, one of the biggest challenges for the Endavans was having to integrate with a large number of internal systems, including those used by the internal operational teams, and piece all the information together to be presented online to end customers in a user-friendly way.

Delivering a vision that works

Together we designed and developed Maersk Flow, a responsive and modern web interface that helps supply chain professionals manage shipments from any carrier and freight forwarder. Maersk Flow allows collaboration with supply chain partners in an environment that provides appropriate access to relevant stakeholders. It facilitates advanced visibility and control, allowing easy access to information, milestones and alerts, and reduces manual work by automating processes and performance monitoring. 
Maersk's numerous new customers now enjoy vastly improved visibility into their supply chain operations, allowing them to take the right actions at the right time. This level of control helps businesses manage more efficient supply chains, meet their targets and avoid nasty surprises.

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