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Case study

Investment Management Firm Becomes more Responsive to Market Opportunities with Endava

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An investment management firm's internal technology team was initially getting support from contractors based onsite, and while this model was effective, it wasn't allowing them to scale. They wanted to find a strategic partner who would be able to provide them with real scalability.


As the partnership has grown over time, we are now involved in a number of the firm's key projects. These include a BI analytics platform which automates client reports, thus decreasing the time and cost of reporting.

High pressure and no room for error

Opening new doors

Four years ago, the firm decided to partner with Endava, when the technology team identified that they needed more support around web development. Impressed by how well the distributed agile model worked, the firm soon expanded the engagement to include the support of a number of additional projects to start taking advantage of Endava’s asset and wealth management domain expertise and experience. In order to comply with the team’s highly regulated and security conscious requirements, Endava set up a bespoke badged area in our Bucharest office, only accessible to members of the firm’s project team. Working in perfect harmony, the Endava team behave and feel like they are part of the firm.

In perfect tandem

As the partnership has grown over time, Endava are now involved in supporting in a number of key projects, including a BI analytics platform which automated client reports thus decreasing the time and cost of reporting, a P&L tool which provides performance data and core systems related to trade execution and analytics that are fundamental to how the firm operates.

The advanced engineering proficiency of Endava complements the firm’s own capabilities perfectly and helps them to close the engineering skills gap and gain access to the best international engineering talent, and thanks to the unwavering commitment of the Endavans, the teams work together very well. New challenges are solved in a collaborative manner and nothing is going to stop this blended team from exceeding their goals.

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