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Case study

Improving Business Agility Through a Combination of Cloud, CD and DevOps Services



A major UK insurance business wanted to achieve a higher degree of market responsiveness, gaining the ability to rapidly and continually release new features while retaining industry compliance and meeting the information security requirements expected by customers and regulators.


We integrated a small, focused team of Cloud and DevOps staff with the development team, working with Compliance and Information Security to knock down organisational and process barriers.

Developing an informed and secure platform

Having extensive experience in enhancing business agility, our team understood that integrating Agile Development and Infrastructure services would enable our client to gain better flexibility and drive better platform performance.


We used a proof of concept  to steer the design process and mine requirements to provide a platform on AWS. Using tools like Ansible, AWS CloudFormation and Lambda, Git and Docker integrated with Jenkins, we automated the platform unlocking the benefit of bringing repeatable builds to the entire technology stack and enabling continuous delivery.


Working with Information Security and Compliance, we adapted the model to meet the customer needs for production systems. Our heritage of successfully managing security and data centres, coupled with our knowledge of Cloud and DevOps, meant we could overcome the customer’s challenges within a day.

Empowering change at a faster pace

By using AWS, we provided and refined a model, enabling the client to see and agree on new configurations within hours rather than months. Adopting the Public Cloud and DevOps through to production means the customer can realise the benefits of fast-to-market development processes while meeting the strict compliance and security requirements of the Insurance industry, ensuring a competitive edge in responding to market changes and demand.

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