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Case study

Global Talent Management Organisation Increases the Value and Experiences of Its IT Services

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Hoping to maintain a stable IT bottom line after a rapid growth phase, a talent management and acquisition provider sought technological solutions that could help it stay within budget.


Thanks to the incorporation of automation and other efficiency integrations, the client saw decreases in its IT expenditures and expedited rollouts in new markets.

Global workforce solutions company

Our client is one of the world’s leading providers of talent acquisition and management services, delivering projects for the world’s most prestigious companies from its offices in Europe, North America and Asia.​​ With a strong partnership that spans two decades, we’ve collaborated on the development and provision of a full suite of managed services. The strength of the relationship now positions us to assist in crafting the client’s digital journey and partnering with stakeholders to shape the IT technology roadmap and drive its implementation to enable its business ambitions.

Key service parameters

80% first-time resolution

98% average monthly SLA

98.12% response time under 90”

4.19 out of 5 sentiment experience

6,000 monthly tickets

3,200 phone calls

Talent management expertise at a glance

• 9,500+ global employees

• 60+ locations

• 30 applications

• 24/7 coverage


    An eye toward growth and the bottom line

    Our client’s organisation doubled in size over a two-year period, and pressure was mounting to keep costs steady in an evolving business and technological landscape. The constant changes in our client’s fiscal-year budget allocation created financial reporting challenges and pressure to reduce and maintain a stable cost for IT services.

    Connecting desired outcomes through innovative IT

    Our approach was to align the IT service outcomes to the client’s business and strategic priorities while keeping IT costs in line with the annual budget. Our extensive familiarity with the client businesses enabled us to streamline operations, resulting in notable efficiency improvements and accelerated processes.

      Scaling without harming the bottom line

      Automation and productivity

      Seventeen per cent cost reduction was achieved through ITSM process automation and efficiency initiatives targeting service request fulfilment and incident management.

      Standard changes and control

      Introduction of flexible and scalable IT solutions that expedited time to market, specifically in new markets and geographic regions that the client was moving into.

      Service outcomes built on experiences

      Introduction of a new service outcome commercial model and service portfolio aligned to the business ambitions and driving behavioural change across the organisation.  


      Where we increased value

      • 40% cycle time reduction

      • 17% lower costs

      • 18% productivity increase

      • 20% automation savings


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