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Case study

E-Commerce Firm Develops Digital Sales Platform



Wanting to expand its visibility to more than 3,000 EU-based bike dealers, an e-commerce provider needed support in creating a commission-free platform that both customers and companies found valuable.


Our team developed a next-level, one-stop e-commerce platform capable of supporting dealers and their customers throughout the entire shopping journey.

To become an e-bike marketplace leader in the EU, this fast-growing e-commerce firm needed to design a scalable and technical solution capable of handling hundreds of dealers selling thousands of new and used e-bikes. 
The client aimed to create a next-generation, commission-free digital platform for 3,000+ e-bike dealers across the EU and enable them to promote their goods through specific and detailed product presentations. The new platform had to provide a win-win business model to all involved stakeholders – the dealers, e-bike customers and the platform operator. 
To make this vision a reality, they needed the help of a trusted IT partner with an expertise in delivering robust platforms that can provide strong payments support. As a trusted IT partner with a keen understanding of e-commerce, scalable tech and agile practices, the client chose us to help them develop their e-bike marketplace. 

Ideating, developing and nurturing innovation

We framed the project using an agile approach and divided it into three main phases: discovery, research, and prototyping. We provided a multilingual team capable of working on all the client’s web shop extensions regardless of software (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, Java, JavaScript). 
The team achieved the flexibility needed for the requirements of Java and JavaScript-based web shops and utilised a tech stack which included: 

  • Reaction commerce marketplace
  • GraphQL 
  • JavaScript 
  • Atlas MongoDB 
  • Amazon Cloud Services (AWS)

In thefirst phase, we did extensive research on technologies and frameworks to meet customer needs and demands. 
The second phase, was dedicated to architecture, design and UX prototyping, and actual marketplace development, where we focused on constant improvements and adding new features. 
In the third phase, which ran in parallel with the second, we continued to provide production support and maintenance. 

Helping uncover untapped potential

Using proven, innovative, and scalable solutions, we helped drive the transformation of the client’s online shop into a state-of-the-art central marketplace for new and used e-bikes across the EU. The platform was successfully designed according to the client’s requirements, with key capabilities that include:

  • Ability to handle hundreds of dealers selling thousands of bike
  • Specific presentation of each e-bike in the marketplace, with each e-bike being a unique item with lots of data
  • An agile development approach that enables daily deployments in the production environment 
  • Multiple payment options for customers (e.g., credit cards, direct payment, or other alternative financing options, with more options to be added in the future)

Our 20+ years of experience building responsive and reliable digital platforms supported by highly skilled teams facilitated the client’s ability to provide 3,000+ e-bike dealers a strong platform to promote their products across the EU. 

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