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Case study

Development of a National 'Anywhere, Anytime' Tax Portal



To better serve employees and citizens, a national tax services provider requested we modernise their proprietary online portal with new turnkey capabilities using backend development and frontend desktop and mobile app support.


Since launch, the new system has 180,000 active users, with 40,000 users of the mobile app. The initiative has also enabled more than 6 million documents to be filed, over 1 million to be served and more than 4 million taxpayers to view their financial data.

Established collaboration

Endava developed the national tax portal eDavki (eTaxes) for the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. We’ve been collaborating on advanced tax solutions for over 20 years and our deep specialist knowledge and expertise have allowed us to develop a trusted and productive partnership with the client.


Safe and easy fulfillment

The national online tax portal ‘eTaxes’ enables national and legal taxpayers to safely and easily fulfil their tax obligations anywhere, anytime.​ The system enables taxpayers to submit documents via the portal or mobile app and also review their tax information and collect documents provided by the financial administration. The sophisticated system provides more than 200 unique services, but the provider wanted to update its operations to augment the user experience. As a long-time partner of the company, we lent our IT expertise and aided in a comprehensive solution.

A win-win for customers and clients

The revamped taxpayer solution yielded a litany of benefits that fell into two categories.


Customer experience boosts

  • Significant savings on postage
  • Reduced processing costs, no transcriptions, automated processing, fewer errors and more correct applications from the outset 
  • Faster processing of applications, forecasts and calculations
  • Positive impact on the environment due to less paper and transport use

Operational gains

  • Faster and simpler form completion​
  • More convenience. Documents can be submitted 24 hours a day 7 days a week without postage costs and from any location​ with internet
  • Individual tax cards can be viewed anywhere, anytime
  • Direct transfer of data from the accounting system to eDavki
  • Easy authorisation between users and other taxpayers

Developing the solution has significantly increased our public sector capability and enabled us to follow best practices and provide similar expertise globally.

Spela Rojnik

Business Development Manager, Endava

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