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Meet Simona:

Her path to Test Consultant has been a decade-long pursuit


In almost one decade at Endava, Simona has learned to adapt to a fast-paced environment first as a Tester, then as a Test Consultant and Scrum Master. Discover more about her quest to develop expertise within the testing discipline.

How did you come to join Endava? Tell us about your career journey so far.

I joined Endava eight years ago as a Tester and worked my way up to become a Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. Throughout my journey at Endava, I have strived for excellence, learned to adapt to changing circumstances and embraced new challenges.  


In these years, I contributed to various commercial projects spanning different industries. These helped me gain experience and broaden my skill set. I also took on challenging leadership roles, implementing testing processes and leading skilled teams to achieve success. These experiences took my tech expertise to the next level and grew my leadership and project management skills. 


For me, delivering high-quality results is very important. This, combined with my willingness to take on new challenges, are the key factors contributing to my career path. Recently, I was part of a core team that faced a demanding, short timeframe during a discovery phase for a client's project. This consisted of in-depth requirement analysis and an understanding of client needs. All of this culminated in developing a proposal. The most challenging part for us was balancing our client's expectations with Endava's way of working, preparing for committing to deliver quality within the outlined deadlines and winning our client's trust. 


What opportunities are there to build connections within Endava?

I connect with my colleagues through active participation in various internal events, such as Testing Week and team gatherings. Mentoring interns is also a rewarding experience. I have the opportunity to contribute to their development and build meaningful relationships. Getting involved in hobby clubs and tech events enables me to cultivate a vibrant network within the company.


Endava's daily life is vibrant. Our bustling communities encourage knowledge-sharing and turn workplaces into communities.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt during your career so far?

Behind each successful story, there is a pile of solved puzzles and mazes, lessons learned and, of course, a significant amount of commitment. I have learned to accept each given challenge and opportunity. In my opinion, intelligence is translated into the ability to be adaptable.


What is your professional driving force and motivation?

The exceptional culture that fosters growth and development. Challenges have helped me become the professional I am today. Facing them with adaptability and open-mindedness was essential to get to where I am now.


I also owe my growth to the unwavering support I've received, and I'm committed to helping others similarly. Endava's daily life is vibrant. Our bustling communities encourage knowledge-sharing and turn workplaces into communities.


How would you describe the culture at Endava?

Endava promotes an environment where ideas are welcomed, and collaboration is valued. Our culture fosters a sense of belonging and encourages every team member to contribute their best, ultimately driving innovation and growth. 


What advice would you give to a someone joining Endava?

Be eager to learn something new, and do not hesitate to ask questions. Commitment is the key to success. Endava offers many opportunities to grow; all you have to do is to seize them.


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