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Meet Andres:

He’s a Delivery Manager dedicated to building memorable customer experiences


As a Delivery Manager, Andres is fully committed to understanding client needs and turning them into flawless experiences. Let's discover his story and find out more about his drive to create a positive impact in people's lives.

How did you come to join Endava? Tell us about your career journey so far.

Almost a year ago, I started a new adventure in my personal and professional path. I moved to New York City and started working as a Delivery Manager in the finance and insurance Account Group Units. After several years close to the delivery side and being the Head of Project Delivery Management and Business Analysis, I am now working closely with the sales team on engaging more clients and growing accounts in the banking, capital markets and insurance spaces.  


What people probably don't know about me is that I started my professional career as a web applications Software Developer and worked as such for more than six years. This experience made me realise two things: the fact that I love software development and that I genuinely care about people. In this sense, the management career path came naturally to me. I also decided to take action towards achieving this, one of them being a master's degree in Project Management (PM).  


Now it has been more than ten years of gaining experience leading different software projects, working with interdisciplinary teams in other locations, and learning from multiple industries and clients.  


Project management is a constant presence throughout your career – what about this field appeals to you?

The project management process starts with understanding our client's needs and transforming those needs into solutions. To make sure we deliver a flawless experience for our clients, a synergy has to be created between the process, the expertise and the teamwork.  


Leading people means understanding them, knowing their motivations, enhancing their skills, and matching their growth expectations with accomplishing the goals. People work better if they enjoy what they're doing.  


How would you describe your leadership style?

I'm a challenger. The baseline for my team is trust. I believe in their capabilities, and I have confidence in their excellent performance based on the responsibilities that they have.  


In an organisation, people need to feel part of a bigger scope. Each of us needs to contribute to achieving the overall project goals, so teamwork is an essential part of this. If we manage to achieve what we set ourselves up to, I feel I am a good leader for my team.  


The most important lesson is that in life, you will know the most when you get out of your comfort zone. Beat the fear and challenge yourself to new adventures even when those seem difficult.

What is your professional driving force and motivation?

What drives me professionally is the will to grow and help others. In my career, one of the things I have liked the most is to support and help others to grow and achieve their objectives. 


Generally, the Endava culture is like a big family. Whenever you need help, you will find a friend who is there for you. Still, there will always be someone challenging you to be better interested in your well-being. 


What opportunities are there to build connections within Endava?

I have had the opportunity to connect with people inside Endava through engineering days, innovation labs, and workshops driven by the disciplines that open the space to meet people in different areas of interest. Pass It On events show you other skills people have besides work that you could connect with. 


What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt during your career so far?

The most important lesson is that in life, you will know the most when you get out of your comfort zone. Beat the fear and challenge yourself to new adventures even when those seem difficult. 


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