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People story

Meet Andreea:

A Senior Developer who began crafting her endava journey as an intern


Andreea is an upbeat millennial who joined Endava as an intern. Nine years later, she is now a Senior Developer who takes her roles as a line manager and career coach seriously and enjoys passing her knowledge on to her colleagues. Discover her story.

How did you come to join Endava? Tell us about your career journey so far.

My career in Endava started nine years ago when I joined the Endava Internship Programme. After a couple of months as an intern, I joined the company as a full-time employee. Despite having worked on just two commercial projects, I've grown tremendously from the many challenges I've faced. 


I started on a large team of around 40 people in Iasi, Romania, working on aggregating social media channels. I refined my technical skills by shadowing some of the people I respect most.  


Later, I started sharing my knowledge with all my colleagues, taking ownership of entire system functionalities, finding solutions, presenting them to the client and further implementing them. I also acted as a Scrum Master for a while on the project.  


My current project is a significant step forward, providing new challenges and learning opportunities. Initially, our team was small, with no assigned Project Manager, Business Analyst or Scrum Master to interface with the client. With just the email address of the Product Owner, we had to organise a client visit within a week of starting the project. 


We took full responsibility for establishing a good partnership and delivering the best results. Today, almost seven years later, we still have a fantastic, trust-based relationship. Overcoming their initial concerns as the first nearshore company they worked with was crucial. 


As a line manager for a project, I've learned valuable lessons while working on our payment platform and other B2B services, like identity management, contract/subscriptions, a payment wallet, and others. 


Each experience I’ve had at Endava has contributed a lot to my progress and helped me become who I am today and for that. For that, I have many people to thank. 


What is your professional driving force and motivation?

One of the things I like the most is that I can always find the right person to ask for great advice, no matter the problem I'm facing – and I'm not talking only about the technical people here. Being part of a fast-paced company, I never get bored. Each project is unique and offers new challenges, which keeps me motivated. The fact that I have the right amount of support and challenge from my peers keeps me motivated. 


I love spending time with the people I care about. I'm a good listener, and I would say I can understand the problems that people face, giving them the best advice I can. Caring helps me fulfil my responsibilities as a line manager and career coach. Working for what I want and not taking anything for granted contributes to bringing me joy both in my day-to-day job and in my personal life.



Here, you have the freedom to follow whatever career path you desire, even completely changing the discipline you are part of, if you realise that something else suits you better.

How would you describe the culture at Endava?

Endava is very people oriented. Here, you have the freedom to follow whatever career path you desire, even completely changing the discipline you are part of, if you realise that something else suits you better. You will always find a context where you can learn and apply your new skills. 


What advice would you give to a someone joining Endava?

Embrace each opportunity you have, no matter how scary, because this will pay off when you look back with pride and reflect on your evolution. 


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