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Our comprehensive 24/7 managed security service leverages our highly trained global team and advanced security tools. It proactively addresses the evolving cyber threat landscape, ensuring continuous security monitoring, threat detection, vulnerability management and incident response. This safeguards your organisation's future and provides you with the peace of mind that your customer data is secure and complies with relevant data protection regulations. We enable your internal teams to focus on core business goals, knowing that your organisation’s security is in capable hands.

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Cybersecurity Incidents in Australia Highlight the Need for Balancing Risk and Innovation

Loss of data can be more damaging than the loss of money. Learn how balancing risk and innovation is crucial to preventing cyberattacks and other security threats.

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The Twisted Concept of Securing Kubernetes Clusters

Kubernetes is a popular tool to quickly develop and deploy container applications. Read part 1 of this article to learn how to bring security on board with traffic restrictions and cluster monitoring.

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Performance and Security Testing Shifting Left

Integrating testing early in the development process increases its efficiency and improves the overall software quality. Find out how in this article by Alex Gatu.

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After our company suffered a serious security breach, we commissioned Endava to investigate and contain the issue. Endava worked quickly and collaboratively to forensically analyse the issue, isolate the cause, and understand the chronology of events that led to the breach. Endava then provided a 24/7 managed security service to monitor and respond to security events and alerts, supporting our in-house IT Team to respond rapidly and contain security threats.

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