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Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise architecture is a strategic enabler for modern businesses by driving adaptability in a constantly changing business environment. It allows your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to be understood, analysed and used to align IT with business objectives. By focusing on meaningful results and consistent decision-making, we put together a realistic roadmap that fosters integration and efficient use of resources. Building on this, we create product and technical development collateral and processes that deliver business value quickly and help ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

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How Can Banks Create a Secure, Optimised Cloud Enabled Architecture

Explore what cloud-enabled architecture means for banks, what to look for in an adoption framework and how cloud enhances security and system performance.

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We can speed up product delivery ensuring the best use of resources for growth and adaptability. This reduces redundancy and ensures that development efforts are focused on delivering the greatest business value.

Chris Cooper-Bland

Group Head of Architecture, Endava

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