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Principal DevOps Consultant

Application Management


Project description: 
We are seeking an experienced and passionate DevOps professional with a strong background in Agile Software Development to provide technical and operational guidance across the entire spectrum of tools, techniques and practices that lead to the successful delivery of reliable software through continuous delivery/deployment, leveraging modern and appropriate release strategies such as: A/B, Canary, Dark Launches etc.
This is a leading role for a technical expert with a history of hands-on and practical deployment and configuration experience participating in transformation initiatives that support customers change the way they engage and deliver value to their business. The successful candidate will be a self-starting, detail-minded expert with good interpersonal and customer soft skills and an ability to articulate technical concepts to non-technical audiences, including product owners and senior stakeholders, and believe strongly in being a team player. 
The candidate will have a track record of designing appropriate and effective solutions leading to measurable value and helping to enact cultural change across an organization. They will also have key strengths in Cloud native computing and have worked hands-on with at least one major public or hybrid cloud platform.
Endava is a rapidly expanding, global, organization and as such the candidate will be required to undertake travel to work close to client as well as to collaborate with our near shore delivery teams.
Technology stack: 
Hands-on DevOps experience in enterprise organizations working with Agile Software development, centers of excellence, infrastructure and cross-functional operations teams.
•  Good understanding of various Software Delivery Life Cycle principles and be able to pre-empt and evolve dependencies along a delivery pipeline (from ‘requirements’ through to ‘defects’).
•  Proven track record of detailed design and accurate solutions estimations (including areas such as scalability, performance, availability, reliability and security) in the following technology areas:
•  Development styles (e.g. BDD/TDD)
•  Compatible versioning and branching strategies
•  Automated testing practices and principles
•  Infrastructure / Process Automation and Configuration Management
•  Cloud consumption and economics
•  Excellent soft-skills particularly in client and stakeholder expectation management
•  Able to articulate client requests to technical colleagues
•  Highly articulate and literate, with excellent levels of written and spoken English
•  Ability to maintain initiative and focus during negotiations
•  High levels of ownership, a ‘make it work first time’ work ethic, and ability to work with nearshore teams to evangelize CI/CD and a wider DevOps approach

The key activities you will be involved in include: 
•  Work together with customer product teams, advocate development styles, testing principles, software methodologies and team structures to support the delivery of software using Agile
•  Guide customers and colleagues through the process of tool selection and usage
•  Understand customer business goals and reflect these appropriately through delivery models and proposals. Create frameworks for the flexible provision of DevOps staff within Work Packages and pricing models
•  Support Endava’s Delivery Acceleration leaders in the development and extension of Endava’s DevOps offerings
•  Collaborate and integrate with internal practices in Infrastructure, Development, Testing and Application Management to underpin and promote DevOps principles and culture
•  Support other customer functions such as compliance and Information Security in the adoption of Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery over documentation and Change Control and in environments up to and including Production
•  Proactively review customer solutions and propose improvements and strategic direction, anticipating client goals
•  Work with commercial and sales management to shape and pitch strategic DevOps engagements to client stakeholders of varying seniority


Qualifications and Experience

•  Proficient and competent skills with code/scripting, e.g. Bash, Python, PowerShell, Node.js etc.
•  Good understanding of Microservices, SOA principles and surrounding technologies (such as Kubernetes and Docker, Serverless computing etc.)
•  Good working knowledge of Continuous Integration/Delivery concepts and tools such as Jenkins / TeamCity / Spinnaker / Azure DevOps or equivalent
•  Good working knowledge with configuration management and infrastructure automation tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, Salt
•  Good understanding of various IaaS platforms including Virtualisation (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack) as well as Public Cloud technology stacks (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP)
•  Good working knowledge of software build tools (Maven, MSBuild), artefact repository managers (e.g. Nexus, Artifactory) as well as packaging tools (RPMs, MSI)
•  Familiarity and appreciation of JIRA and Confluence and other productivity tools (e.g. Slack, Trello) or equivalent
•  Multi Operating System knowledge: Windows, Linux OS services
•  Good networking, TCP/IP knowledge and security awareness
•  Understanding of application deployment and release management best practices including A/B, Canary, Dark Launches


About Endava

Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. For the past 20 years it has helped some of the world’s leading Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities. We have more than 6200 employees located in close to client locations in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and nearshore delivery centers in the EU: Romania, Bulgaria; Central European Countries: North Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia; Latin America: Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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