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Latin America

Insights about our local teams, their strengths, initiatives and passions



When you enjoy what you do, it's easy for everyone to notice it. But when you do it in a beautiful place, like Paraná, there is no doubt that people will feel at home every step of the way.

Here, our Endava family is surrounded by beautiful landscapes where the Paraná river is the leading character. Our team of software developers, service desk specialists, and testers share a good deal of experience in the IT industry. With a collaborative spirit and passion rooted in our backbone, we create high-level solutions for our North American clients, and we give crucial support to all Endavans across the world. Talk about a small location with a great purpose!

Here in Paraná, Endavans forge their character by embracing each moment of challenge and being there for each other, no matter the time.
Paraná teaches us that collaboration leads us to greater things.


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  • Service Desk Analyst

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