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Machine Learning Engineer




  • Develop machine learning end-to-end applications or modules into production environments according to the requirements;
  • Integrate designed machine learning models in current developed applications;
  • Define the architecture of machine learning systems;
  • Select appropriate data sets and data representation methods;
  • Perform statistical analysis and fine-tuning using test results;
  • Train and retrain ML systems when necessary;
  • Apply software engineering best practices;
  • Run machine learning tests and experiments.


Qualifications and Experience

 Skills and experience:

  • Deep knowledge of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques;
  • Good knowledge of algebra, probability, statistics and algorithms;
  • Good knowledge of Python or R;
  • Comfortable with data story telling through visualizations tools and techniques;
  • Familiarity with machine learning frameworks (Keras or PyTorch) and libraries (scikit-learn);
  • Good understanding of data structures, data modeling and software architecture;
  • Good knowledge of distributed computing systems;
  • Good knowledge of OOP (Java or .NET – for ML models integration);
  • Good database knowledge both relational and non-relational;
  • Practical NLP, image recognition, information extraction experience;
  • Knowledge of recommendation systems;
  • Knowledge of reinforcement learning will be a plus;
  • The ability to extend existing machine learning libraries and frameworks will be a plus;
  • Good communication skills.



About Endava

Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. For the past 20 years it has helped some of the world’s leading Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities. We have more than 8200 employees located in close to client locations in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and nearshore delivery centers in the EU: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia; Central European Countries: North Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; Latin America: Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.


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