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DevOps Engineer

Application Management


What will be your role?

From day one you’ll be a part of one of our project teams and work closely with them on tasks related to build and release process and/or Cloud operations. We will match your skills level with the project that works best for you!

Don’t worry if you feel less experienced! You’ll be working with top-notch engineers in the team who will be in charge to help you grow as a professional.

You would be a part of the existing team of 25+ engineers and in charge of:

  • implementing new features to the platform related to Linux configuration through Chef, as well as AWS and Azure infrastructure setup
  • maintaining multiple hosting environments for the platform, including production-
  • taking care of CI/CD to ensure its running smoothly
  • cooperate with client's Security Team to ensure all systems are secured properly
  • troubleshoot issues related to infrastructure per reports from end-users and offer solutions to them


Qualifications and Experience

  • 3+ years of experience on the same or similar roles
  • Good understanding of CI/CD concepts and tools such as Jenkins
  • Genuine interest and capability in problem solving with focus on efficiency and quality of work
  • Basic understanding or experience with one of the popular Configuration Management tools, such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.
  • Basic understanding or experience with at least one of the major cloud providers: AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Solid knowledge of Linux command line and Bash scripting
  • Working knowledge of Git
  • Passion and initiative for continuous learning about new technologies


Additional Information

What makes Endava different from other IT companies? 

  • We are a stable 700+ engineers’ company (7300+ engineers on a global level!) and one of the largest IT companies in Serbia operating since 1996!
  • Boost your knowledge and experience by working with experts in the team – we won’t ever leave you hanging!
  • Do your work without being constrained by too many procedures – we ship our code fast and are not afraid of experimenting!
  • If you get bored on a project from any reason, we have couple of dozen interesting projects so you can pick the one you like the most! We provide you with career opportunities within the company and will support you in driving your career in any direction you want to go!

We are listening

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