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08 October 2020

Special Edition: Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day – Part 1

The second Tuesday of every October marks a day created to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, created in memory of Ada Lovelace. To celebrate, we invited Chris Cooper-Bland, our Group Head of Architecture, and Suw Charman-Anderson, the founder of findingada.com, to talk about the achievements of women in STEM and what the future holds.


30 April 2020

The technology gender gap reimagined – Part 2

Bradley learns more about Anna Barsby and Helena Nimmo, experts from the IT industry, including how they got started in their careers and if any lucky breaks played a role in their professional lives


16 April 2020

The technology gender gap reimagined – Part 1

Bradley talks with two leading female CIOs to discuss issues of diversity, gender imbalances, and the hurdles women face while working in technology, as the conversation not only explores ways in which the industry can include more women in tech, but also anticipates what the next 20 years could hold in regard to gender discrepancies in the industry.